Imagine having the world's favourite elf as your chatbot. We made it happen.

eCommerce is Christmas! (this year)

Thinking about going out to the store? Whoa, too dangerous.
This little thing called COVID-19 has made it more important than ever to have a kickass eCommerce experience.

More sales? Guaranteed (kind of)

We tested Elf Chat over the summer and it didn't do so hot but we're confident it will do better this December. After all, gift giving is an elf's favourite job (except when that gift is on the naughty list)!

Just embed Buddy to your website. Done.

Paste a snippet of code to your site and watch Buddy go! No one is mad once they see Buddy in the chat.

The sweetest companies work well with Buddy

(not what you're thinking)

FREE /month

  • Basically just talks about Santa

  • Spreads Christmas Cheer

(again, not the beverage)

$5 /December

  • Captures email

  • Sings to your customer

(I'm not even going to say it)

$100 /year

  • Real Will Ferrell stays in the chat

  • Salesforce integration

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is by adding your favourite email here

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Buddy's Naughty List

Buddy has taken over 1000 chats as a customer service rep. Here's the top requested gifts he's put on his naughty list.


"This definitely isn't a portable water gun. Not recommend for kids."

Wine Condoms

"These are for saving your parent's bottled grape juice. The only nice part is that they don't come with that icky slippery stuff on them."

Burrito Pop

"The *pop* part was disappointing. 3 burritos out of 10."

Musk on Mars

"This guy must have like a MILLION reindeer if he is going to travel and deliver toys on ANOTHER PLANET!"


"Just not the same as tobogganing down a slope of fresh North Pole snow."

30 Second Dance Party

"30 seconds is far too short for a dance party ☚ī¸. It needs to be at least...3 TIMES as long."

Human Slingshot

"Okay, so it does help launch your little brother so he could put the star on the top of the Christmas tree. Bad news is that we didn't think of how to get him down. Naughty list for sure."

Hay in a Needle Stack

"This is the most ouchy game I've ever played. No thanks."

World's Largest Gummy Bear

"I can't believe anyone would want to eat this adorable little bear!"

Anything by Unnecessary Inventions

"Some say he's a rouge elf making toys that are ridiculous to recreate on purpose just to annoy Santa - on the naughty list for sure."

Want to try the Elf Chat demo?


FREE /mo

  • "Best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear"

  • Cares about your favorite color

  • Sweetest of all the bots


1 sock /mo

  • Aims to please

  • Expert knowledge of the wizarding world

  • Get's excited over tea towels


1 arrow /mo

  • Will always get you out of a tight spot

  • Precision is unmatched

  • Hates dwarves